Music Licensing

Gretchen DeVault's music has been licensed to Target and Motorola as well as several independent films.

For licensing inquiries:

Target Commercial featuring La Ti Da by The Icicles

Motorola Commercial featuring Sugar Sweet by The Icicles.

Music in Film & Television

Death of on Imam (Voluptuous Panic)
Continuity Problems (The Icicles)
Brushfires (The Icicles)
Jamie & Jessie are Not Together (The Icicles)





The Icicles

The Icicles are a melodic indie pop ensemble fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Gretchen DeVault and her longtime musical partner, the ethereal keyboard alchemist Joleen Rumsey. Lead 
guitarist Rebecca Rodriguez, who joined for 2007’s Arrivals and Departures, offers an increasingly emphatic reverb-drenched counterpoint to Joleen’s spaced-out sounds. The band was joined by a new rhythm section — Zane DeVault and Aaron Ekins for Renegade Parade and Trees Touch Skies.

The Icicles



The Blue Herons

The Blue Herons need to be on your 2021 indie pop bands to watch list. This jangle pop powerhouse calls to mind guitar riffs reminiscent of C86 and Sarah Records bands like Even as We Speak and Heavenly, with infectious melodies and soaring vocals that easily sit alongside the likes of current artists Alvvays and Hatchie

The Blue Herons are Andy Jossi (The Churchhill Garden, The Serpent Garden) and Gretchen DeVault (The Icicles, The Francine Odysseys, Voluptuous Panic), both forces of nature in music creation. Serendipity brought the duo together in late 2020 and in a short two months the pair will have released two singles, with an arsenal of jangle pop songs to be released in 2021. Stay tuned. 

The Blue Herons started as a side project for Jossi. After establishing a following for his shoegaze band The Churchhill Garden, he needed a separate space for his indie pop songs. The Blue Herons featured frequent guest vocalists and musicians such as Krissy Vanderwoude (The Churchhill Garden, Whimsical), Marty Willson Piper (The Church, All About Eve), Hideka, and Thierry Haliniak. While releasing music under The Blue Herons moniker, still searching for the perfect vocal complement to his instrumentals, Jossi found what he was looking for in DeVault.

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Voluptuous Panic

Voluptuous Panic is a sonic exploration of a series of realizations: life is change. Dreams are real. The present is an artifact of the past and a premonition of the future. Beauty is connected to pain, while pain holds beauty in its heart. We are connected to the sky, and the only direction is forward. Or in shorthand -- a shoegazer band. This project began when band co-founder Brian J. Bowe moved to Paris for a year and he and I started recording transatlantically using GarageBand and DropBox.

Voluptuous Panic


The Francine Odysseys

LA-based The Francine Odysseys embraces the thrill and the fear of indie pop at midlife as a siren call to everyone else who might have believed that they should have it all figured out by now.

Fronted by Gretchen DeVault, who led The Icicles through a string of well-received albums (landing licensing deals for Target and Motorola). She is also half of the transoceanic shoegazer duo Voluptuous Panic. In 2016, she moved to LA to further pursue music. Through Neal Ramirez (The Snow Fairies), she connected with accomplished indie pop guitarist Ian Patrick (History of Manners) and pulled in friends and fellow indie musicians Mike Butkovic (The Attendants, Corey Landis and the Attacks) and John Miller (John Miller and the Payback, Bad Science Fiction, Middlebrook) for drums and bass. 

The Francine Odysseys draws inspiration from a new generation of indie pop bands like Jay Som, The Beths, and Alvvays with a nod to the bands of their youth: Throwing Muses, The Lemonheads, and Bettie Serveert. The cumulative effect of these influences is clearly felt as the band pushes the boundaries of indie pop to make meaning out of life’s bittersweet and messy juxtapositions. Jangly guitar hooks, catchy melodies and bright vocals deliver a beautiful sound that invites repeat listening. The result is a fresh take on indie pop that synthesizes loss and uncertainty with comforting melodies that unfold to reveal an intense depth of emotional complexity.





Bungalow Heaven

Fresh. We love cookies but we ain't cuttin'. The most explosive collaborations come out of unexpected pairings. Like the first spark of a lit match. A match made in Bungalow Heaven.

Bungalow Heaven are Gretchen DeVault and Jasmine Brooke White.