Gretchen DeVault

Gretchen DeVault
Indie Music Maker // Music Supervisor 

Gretchen DeVault has been leaning the f*ck out for more than two decades. In 2017, she set a course to help other women do the same. She launched Lean the F*ck Out, a weekly podcast for female entrepreneurs and artists, which is preparing to launch its fourth season. 

One of Gretchen’s earliest acts of leaning the f*ck out was in her late 20s. While others were climbing the corporate ladder and buying houses, Gretchen left her steady job to tour the country and beyond with her indie pop band, The Icicles. Her business acumen and drive led to their music being licensed in commercials for Motorola and Target.  

Upon return from tour, Gretchen launched her award-winning website design and digital marketing firm, Tiny Blue Sky

In 2016, with 4-year old twins in tow, the DeVaults packed up their minivan and moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles in search of sunshine and the pursuit of bigger dreams. Now living among the palm trees, Gretchen works on multiple music projects including her LA-based band The Francine Odysseys, shoegazer band Voluptuous Panic, and The Blue Herons as well as music supervision projects.

Gretchen is a vision setter, a joy-chaser and a do-er of the things.