Gretchen DeVault

Gretchen DeVault
Indie Music Maker // Music Supervisor // Digital Marketing Leader

Gretchen DeVault is an indie music maker and music supervisor – with a not-so-secret background in digital marketing. 


Gretchen DeVault is a prolific songwriter and music creator with over 20 years in the music industry. Her indie bands include The Icicles, The Blue Herons, The Francine Odysseys, Voluptuous Panic and Hero No Hero. Her music has been licensed to Target and Motorola, as well as films and podcasts. Additionally, she works with a small team of musicians to create music for film and television. 

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It makes sense that a music maker with 20+ years running a digital marketing agency would have utilize the power of music in branding and advertising. Gretchen DeVault has served as a music supervisor for podcasts, advertising and promotional videos. She has also composed custom music for brands and has written jingles. She is currently seeking opportunities to expand her music supervision skills in film and television.


Gretchen DeVault is founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Tiny Blue Sky. Her *sweet spot* is being able to leverage data insights to design creative campaigns that make money. She has worked for 20+ years in online marketing, leading teams to redesign websites, create and execute successful digital marketing campaigns. Simply said, she makes shit happen.