Gretchen DeVault

Digital Marketing Leader

Gretchen DeVault

Gretchen DeVault is an executive marketing leader with 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, web development, and design. She's a creative who leverages marketing strategies to achieve measurable goals, as well as a pattern finder who identifies market gaps and opportunities through data.

Gretchen is a business expert and shares her love of all things entrepreneurship as co-host of Lean the F*ck Out a weekly podcast for female entrepreneurs.

Not many people have just *one* profession in 2021, including Gretchen! She is an indie music maker, constantly releasing new music with multiple bands including The Francine Odysseys, Voluptuous Panic, The Blue Herons, and The Icicles. Her music has been licensed in commercials for Motorola and Target, as well as several independent films.