A newly launched children’s boutique and clothing line, DreamSpun asked Gretchen DeVault to help them develop a brand identity that could go up against any mainstream competitor. The company immediately saw success and began growing. During that time, Gretchen helped them take their clothing line to the next level with professional quality LookBooks. Sales representatives were attending wholesale trades shows and needed professional, polished materials to sell the brand since they were considered a small startup.

What began as something small has now grown into a legitimate, growth-oriented business venture. DreamSpun has since been featured on prominent sites such as Zulily and maintains a solid presence in the world of children’s fashion.

Summary of deliverables:

  • Brand Identity
  • Point of Sale
  • Retail and Wholesale LookBooks
  • Website designDreamspun LabelsDreamspun HangtagsDreamspun LookbookDreamspun Lookbook