Brown Jug Spirits is a whiskey-based spirits brand distributed throughout the United States. Gretchen DeVault worked with Brown Jug Spirits to create the brand identity, create a digital marketing plan and implement and grow their online presence. The strategy included a new website, ongoing content creation in the form of both blog posts and recipes with custom photography. When Gretchen began work with Brown Jug Spirits they had no online presence. The client wanted to manage their social media internally in the beginning. However, Gretchen could see from web analytics that these efforts weren’t really paying off, so she pitched managing their social and created a digital marketing plan that suited their target audience. In doing so, Brown Jug immediately began to see a difference in consumer engagement and sales. Within one year, the brand had almost 30,000 followers.


  • Design of the brand identity and packaging
  • Creation of photography concepts and art direction and styling of photography
  • Led the strategy, design and development of an interactive and user-friendly website
  • Website strategy: intentionally created individual pages for each product, flavor, and recipe. This provided the team with valuable data related to trending products and promotional campaigns.
  • Website strategy: Made it easier for website visitors to search for recipes by product, and type (by season, cocktail, and more) increasing functionality and audience engagement.We made it easy to purchase the product off-site or find a retail shop/restaurant that carries Brown Jug
  • SEO – both onsite and keyword research and strategy
  • Gretchen DeVault also supported the Brown Jug’s sales staff by providing a customized sales toolkit that included point of purchase materials, leave behinds (like sell sheets with recipes), point of consumption materials (like coasters and glassware), on premise materials (think table tents and recipe cards) and pre-made PowerPoint presentations.
  • Content strategy with a focus on creating evergreen content as well as time-sensitive content to drive traffic from social media to website with the intent to increase sales. Evergreen content was created based on targeted keywords.

Please note that Gretchen DeVault and Tiny Blue Sky are no longer managing the social media or digital marketing for Thatcher’s Organic Spirits.